End of the long hot summer

2021 Sep 26

This summer was the hottest I can remember in this area.

Our neighbors have grapes growing along their back fence. The vine has grown all the way over atop our fence and climbs up our flowering plum tree. I trim it to manage it, but it produces decent grapes so I keep it around. Yesterday we picked the grapes and made juice, and my! it is tasty. All that sun counted towards sugar and flavor. I got four quarts and a pint. Maybe I'll make jelly.

We had one week in August where temperatures got above 100 F. That is common in many places, but usually also the houses in those place have air conditioning. We don't, so Melanie suffered. The last hottest day she went to Austin and Janae's place which is cooled and did get relief.

We also were without rain around here for an extended time. As usual, we didn't water our lawn, so it gracefully turned a golden color. (Except the section with mint growing in it. :) We did water the roses and the hanging baskets with strawberries, so we had fragrant flowers and some sweet berries.

We have had some rain last week, and now it looks like this whole week will be wet. Fall colors are coming on, but things are turning green again too!

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