2021 Family Vacation

2021 Sep 6

For a few years I have been making a tradition for our family of renting a large house and bringing everybody together there for a few days. Last year we stayed at a place on an arm of Hammersley Inlet (Puget Sound salt water). In most years we have changed locations, but this particular place was ideal for many of the things we all enjoy. So, we went back there again.

I brought my kayaks and went out every day. A paddleboard, paddleboat and canoe were available for us to use. Elias explored the tidelands and collected crabs to look at. The kitchen was large and convenient for group meals. The hot tub was enjoyable for soaking. The large living room sectional was comfy for everybody to hang around on.

We had hoped that COVID-19 would be gone, but that was not to be, therefore, Jessi was not able to join us for the second year in a row. We did get a long video visit with her as a consolation. It definitely is not the same thing as being there, but I am so grateful for video as an option.

This year, Alan and his girlfriend Lindsey were able to come from New York. What a treat that was! My sister Marilyn also joined us - another treat! (However, she was behind the camera for this picture.)

2021 Aug

Alan, Lindsey, Larry, Austin, Sheridan+Bethany, Andrew

  Melanie, Linnea, Camden, Janae, Elias


Alan and Lindsey stayed almost two weeks, but the time still seemed short. I found myself constantly talking about doing or seeing something with them in the area during a future trip. In the end, however, we were able to do quite a lot. For instance, one day we went to Whidbey Island's Deception Pass, Fort Casey and took the WA State ferry back.

I have been on vacation for these past two weeks, however, life returns to the regular schedule tomorrow. I have an interesting project at work to restart, so things will get busy there again. Cami and Eli are back in school, and Melanie will return to work at school soon again as well. Life is good.

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