God Never Tricks Us

2015 Feb 1

All through time, people have been saved by trusting in a merciful God. They have been brought into right relationship with him by trusting in this (mercy) aspect of his love.

The genuine love of God never tricks or confuses us about his expectations of us. The expectation has always been to love (and minimum respect) him, and to treat others well. (e.g. Micah 6:8, Mark‬ ‭12‬:‭29-31‬) This is because God wants us to become like him in character, and because God loves us and treats us with fairness and justice.

Through time God certainly has hidden, and then revealed mysteries. But these were mysteries about how he was going to accomplish something he said he would do (e.g. the mysteries of Christ and the gospel). It was never mysteries about what we needed to know or do in relation to God.

God has never brought about salvation (restored relationship) through hidden knowledge, and what God has wanted from us has never been mysterious.


The perspective of the gospel and value system ideas on this page are based on the work of Darren Twa, pastor at Life Fellowship and author of several books including God's Value System.

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