Austin has produced drawing artwork over the years, mostly for his enjoyment. He wrote comments about some of them as part of a class project in high school.

austins_artwork0 "This was one of the very first pictures of a girl that I drew, I also did it entirely in pen. As you might be able to tell, the wings were added later and look like a completely different style of drawing. This was also one of my first attempts at wings."

austins_artwork1 "This picture was supposed to be a comic likeness of myself."

austins_artwork2 "I don't really remember what I was trying to imitate when I drew this all I know is I did it all in pen, and by the notebook paper background you can guess that I drew it at school."

austins_artwork4 A copy of a comic book character.

austins_artwork5 "This was a picture I drew when I was experimenting with color. I normally only draw in black and white, but this turned out alright."

austins_artwork6 Austin's hands drawing themselves.

austins_artwork7 A self-portrait.

austins_artwork8 And this was how he drew it. The lamp was turned down low, and set to give good contrast on his face.

austins_artwork9 For a while, Austin was in a sculpture class at a local art studio. This tiger was made with a plastic molding compound, fired, and then painted. The instructor noticed that he instinctively used a dry-brushing technique during the painting.

austins_artwork10 We really enjoyed this one because of the tiger's mischievous look.

austins_artwork11 A water color.

austins_artwork12 In 2006, Austin and Janae's Christmas gifts to the family were watercolor paintings that he did of Japanese dancing cranes.

austins_artwork13 He did several poses.