In 2012, Melanie & I toured on the east coast of the United States. A couple of days in Maine, a week in Boston and a week in upstate New York.

2012_EastCoastTrip0 When we got to Portland, Maine, it was raining. Mel rested in the car, and I explored around an area that had some lighthouses.

2012_EastCoastTrip1 It also was the place of the where many of the liberty ships were made during WWII. The wall on the left was part of a dry dock for that effort.

2012_EastCoastTrip2 Our B&B room had a private outside entrance with a sitting area.

2012_EastCoastTrip3 So many buildings had intriguing character in Portand.

2012_EastCoastTrip4 Often, the doors were especially interesting.

2012_EastCoastTrip5 The sidewalks were interesting too. I don't know why they were so wavy (although I have some ideas).

2012_EastCoastTrip6 The brick and cobble stone certainly gave the city an old-country character.

2012_EastCoastTrip7 We toured this house that was extremely modern and luxurious for pre-civil war times.

2012_EastCoastTrip8 We also had to have Maine lobster. This device was supposed to tell us when our food was ready. Melanie was hungry already!

2012_EastCoastTrip9 We chatted with a couple while waiting. When our meal came, they gave us advice for how to eat these things. And they assured us that the bibs were a good thing to wear. The fast-food lobster was excellent! :-)

2012_EastCoastTrip10 On our way down to Boston, we put our feet into the Atlantic.

2012_EastCoastTrip11 The water certainly was warmer than the Puget Sound, but I would still have a hard time swimming in it for long.

2012_EastCoastTrip12 Our first day in Boston, we took a Segway tour of the city. Wow, that was fun. And we saw so much as well:

2012_EastCoastTrip13 Amazing private homes.

2012_EastCoastTrip14 And grand buildings like this church. (We went back there on Sunday.)

2012_EastCoastTrip15 This was the inside of the Old North Church. Lanterns were displayed from it's tower for Paul Revere before his famous ride. It had box pews. People would pay for a box, and then decorate it as they liked. Also, since the church was not heated in winter, the people in each box could bring their own heater to church.

2012_EastCoastTrip16 In the old parts of Boston, there also were cobblestones. It started to rain, so we looked for something inside that we could do.

2012_EastCoastTrip17 It happened that the Museum of Fine Arts was free on that day at that time, so we saw their Egypt exhibit.

2012_EastCoastTrip18 Next day, we set off for Cape Cod. On the way, we went to see Plymouth Rock

2012_EastCoastTrip19 Yup, it is a rock. And it has an engraved date on it! :-)

2012_EastCoastTrip20 More interesting was this reproduction of the Mayflower. It had been built in Europe and then sailed on a reenactment voyage to Plymouth 60 years ago.

2012_EastCoastTrip21 It seemed quite sturdy, but it wasn't big inside.

2012_EastCoastTrip22 When we got to the Cape, we happened on a lovely park overlooking to the ocean.

2012_EastCoastTrip23 And on the way back, we took in a summer concert at the town of Sandwich put on by their community band. What fun!

2012_EastCoastTrip24 Our hotel was conveniently at the end of one of the trolley lines into Boston. We went in to Boston Commons on the next day.

2012_EastCoastTrip25 The Frog Pond was THE place to be if you were young and in a swim suit.

2012_EastCoastTrip26 That evening we saw the Blue Man Group show. It was very entertaining; we laughed so much!

2012_EastCoastTrip27 Next day we went kayaking with friends on the Concord River.

2012_EastCoastTrip28 Under the old bridge to the town of Concord.

2012_EastCoastTrip29 This brilliant plant was flowering along the banks.

2012_EastCoastTrip30 We had pizza at the town of Wellesley, and this was their town hall. It felt like it should have been set in Germany!

2012_EastCoastTrip31 On Sunday we went back into Boston to attend the Old South Church. Beautiful music, a good message & friendly people.

2012_EastCoastTrip32 Finally we went to Binghamton to be with Alan & Katie. Alan gave us a tour of where he works.

2012_EastCoastTrip33 And we drove to Ithaca to see the town and waterfalls.

2012_EastCoastTrip34 Later in the week the rest of the family flew in for Alan's wedding. We all stayed in the same hotel.

2012_EastCoastTrip35 The wedding was so much fun together!

2012_EastCoastTrip36 The next day, we went to the zoo, rode a carousel,

2012_EastCoastTrip37 And we had dinner with Katie's dad at his place.

2012_EastCoastTrip38 He made a delicious spread including the locally distinctive salt potatoes and chicken Spiedie.

2012_EastCoastTrip43 The next day we u-picked blueberries. More than a few were tasted!

2012_EastCoastTrip44 The whole family together.

2012_EastCoastTrip45 Finally it was time to travel back home. Camden was very connected to her Uncle Andrew, and played peak-a-boo games while we waited.

Jessi stayed with us a while longer in Seattle, and life slowly returned to normal.