Larry Melanie portrait

I'm Larry Grove and my wife is Melanie. We have three adult sons, but I have also gained some daughters too!


family portrait

Bethany, Andrew, Alan, Melanie & Linnea, Larry & Elias+Camden, Jessi, Janae, Austin


Our family has grown through adoption, marriages and grandkids: We "adopted" Jessi when she finished high school with Andrew. Austin married Janae (then came Camden and Eli). And Andrew married Bethany (then came Linnea).   Here are some more family portraits.

Our family interests have changed over the years. However, faith and making music are our enduring distinctives.

My parents were missionaries in Japan and Brazil, so my experience growing up as a Missionary Kid was unique. I have always been a technically inclined geek. Family friends would remember me as the toddler that liked to carry around an electrical extension cord! These days I might make a robot.

We live in Bothell, Washington, USA. You can email me at