We returned to Spada Lake and were not disappointed. (more info)

20120512_spada_bear0 All vehicles must register at the entrance to the area. Melanie conquered the remaining snow that had came off the shed!

20120512_spada_bear1 This great waterfall was just beside the road on the way down to the lake.

20120512_spada_bear2 Most of the time on the lake, the water was glassy. The mountain views were fantastic.

20120512_spada_bear3 At the end of one arm, we found a bear on the bank (at the left). We slowly moved next to this stump, and then watched him for about 10 minutes! Melanie could hear him snuffling as he was eating grasses and roots.

20120512_spada_bear4 The wind kept our scent from him. He did eventually notice us, but we remained still and he went back to eating. When we finally decided to quietly leave, he became spooked and ran away.