Today we kayaked near Medina. (more info)

There are some exceptional houses on the shore of Lake Washington. We passed B. Gate's house. It is one of the biggest ones around, but is tastefully impressive behind old trees. However, we also saw some more houses...

20120506_lake_wa0 This one is all non-square angles. Many upscale houses have outdoor sculpture such as this colorful abstract dog.

20120506_lake_wa1 I kept seeing flashes of light from this place. Notice below Melanie's paddle...

20120506_lake_wa2 It was a mirror-polished ellipsoid sculpture. It appeared like you could also walk into it, however it was difficult to see perspective on it because of the finish. Can you see us in the kayak offshore?

20120506_lake_wa3 My initial thought was that this one looked like a museum.

20120506_lake_wa4 Then we came closer and saw the T-Rex skeleton inside! (See the lower right window area. Morning sun would be better.) Austin had told me about this house. That is the real thing there - it is not a copy!

20120506_lake_wa5 Just before we got back we saw this small rainbow in the clouds.

20120506_lake_wa6 It was a beautiful, clear day on the lake! (Mt. Rainier in the distance.)