Mar 23, 2010 - Portland Anniversary Trip

Melanie and I annually take a get-away trip for our wedding anniversary. This year we went to Portland, Oregon.

20100323_portland_anniversary0 Portland is a city of interesting architecture. They constructed many buildings with cast iron colonnades - they were beautiful, quick to construct and let in a lot of light.

20100323_portland_anniversary1 The brick-work everywhere had lots of interesting detail.

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Feb 14, 2010 - Foggy Walk at St. Edwards Park

20100215_foggy_st_edwards0 I went for a walk at St. Edwards State Park with my friend Thomas.

20100215_foggy_st_edwards1 It was a foggy day and the lake views were ghostly.

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Jan 24, 2010 - Sunrise


The sunrise this morning was fantastic!

Dec 06, 2009 - Colorful Sky

The weather has suddenly become quite cold recently, and the sky has been very clear with stunning colors.

20091206_sky0 Sunset from parking lot at work.

20091206_sky1 Morning sky from our back yard.

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Nov 11, 2009 - Fall Colors Again

The fall colors have been spectacular this year.

20091122_fall_colors0 A field at work.

20091122_fall_colors1 The edible fruit of the strawberry tree.

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Oct 24, 2009 - Andrew's Apartment

Andrew is living in a apartment in Bellingham while he is going to school at Western. It is the most cool, quirky, decrepit, old building!


It is the attic part of a three story building overlooking the Bellingham bay. This is the little common room between the three bedrooms. Andrew's room is to the right.


And this is the view he has.

Oct 19, 2009 - Updates to the Relationship page

I updated the Relationship page with new content and layout.

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Oct 10, 2009 - Biking Bellevue to Seattle

With maybe the last weekend of good weather, I decided to try a new bike ride. It looked like there should be a direct bike route from Bellevue to downtown Seattle.

I parked the car just south of Bellevue. A boardwalk crosses the slough below the I-90 freeway and leads to Mercer Island.

20091010_bellevue_seattle0 All across the island is a good trail. Sometimes it is beside the surface roads. This is by a park-and-ride.

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Oct 08, 2009 - Another Mid-day walk

20091008_another_walk0 I walked the extended loop near work I walked last time. I especially like the old Donnybrook pond.

20091008_another_walk1 This pano gives you more of a sense of its calm and beauty!

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Sep 21, 2009 - Mid-day walk

I enjoy walking at lunch time on my work days. Today I made time for an extended walk and went to some particularly beautiful places by the local business parks.

20090921_midday_walk0 On the hill opposite my work is a pond that was created about 100 years ago. It had been lovingly been landscaped by the former private owner. Today it is adjacent to a multi-story business office.

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Sep 20, 2009 - Bothell Landing Afternoon

Sunday afternoon was so pleasant and bright that Melanie and I spent it down at Bothell Landing park.

20090920_bothel_landing0 From the bridge you can see the amphitheater,

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Sep 18, 2009 - Three Fingers 2009

Once again, my hiking buddy Rex organized a hike to Three Fingers. (see 2007, 2006) We had a large group this time: 10 guys!

This time I have presented the story as about the journey.

20090918_three_fingers0 The trail starts out amid huge old trees. Since we were starting out with high energy, we didn't notice the frequent up-and-downs of the trail. (But we did on the way out!)

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Sep 10, 2009 - I did get an iPhone

Well, I had been talking about getting one for a long time, but I finally bought an iPhone!


I took this picture of myself mirrored by my computer in the Apple store as I was setting the phone up.


My family gave me birthday gifts for the up-front cost. Austin had made this envelope as a wrapper.

I am enjoying the phone and will be using it to take more pictures for this blog!

Jul 25, 2009 - The Wind Blown Look


The wind-blown look: I usually put something on my head when I am out on the boat. Today I forgot!

Jul 09, 2009 - My Birthday Dinner


My family (and a couple friends) were all together for my birthday dinner this year. I should have used a timer to get into the picture as well!

Jul 06, 2009 - Berry Season!

Berry season has started with a bang! Today I walked in the woods near our house and at St. Edward St Park and ate more kinds of wild berries in one day than I can ever remember.

  • The Salmonberries are just past their peak, but they are sweeter this year than most.
  • Indian plum (aka osoberry - hangs sparsely on a tree). I didn't know what it was, so I only ate a few, but I will have more later.
  • Two kinds of blackberries:
    • a trailing vine blackberry with small, long fruit
    • a bushy kind with small fruit that I hadn't seen before
  • The red huckleberries are already fantastic this year: profuse and sweet.
  • Thimbleberries are still very early, but I found a large stand with some ripe ones. They are like eating a jam!

From our front yard I had:

  • The last of our seasonal strawberries.
  • Some of our (small) ever-bearing strawberries.

There are more berries yet to come are:

  • The common, aggressive blackberries around here. (They are only in flower now, so there is no fruit yet.)
  • Salal - also only in flower
  • Oregon grape

This year I am thinking to make juice or jam from those last two.

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