Melanie and I annually take a get-away trip for our wedding anniversary. This year we went to Portland, Oregon.

20100323_portland_anniversary0 Portland is a city of interesting architecture. They constructed many buildings with cast iron colonnades - they were beautiful, quick to construct and let in a lot of light.

20100323_portland_anniversary1 The brick-work everywhere had lots of interesting detail.

20100323_portland_anniversary2 Even this door was textured and unusual.

20100323_portland_anniversary3 It was easy to get around on the MAX rail system that was free to ride downtown. (Our car was parked for two days.)

20100323_portland_anniversary4 The parks and bridges on the Willamette River in town were interesting too.

20100323_portland_anniversary5 On our last day, we went to nearby Multnomah Falls.

20100323_portland_anniversary6 A trail crosses the falls,

20100323_portland_anniversary7 and takes you to the top. From there you also have a view out over the Columbia River.

It was a very enjoyable trip!