With maybe the last weekend of good weather, I decided to try a new bike ride. It looked like there should be a direct bike route from Bellevue to downtown Seattle.

I parked the car just south of Bellevue. A boardwalk crosses the slough below the I-90 freeway and leads to Mercer Island.

20091010_bellevue_seattle0 All across the island is a good trail. Sometimes it is beside the surface roads. This is by a park-and-ride.

20091010_bellevue_seattle1 Sometimes it is on a dedicated path beside the freeway. (In this case, two stories above.)

20091010_bellevue_seattle2 On the western side of the island, the freeway was covered and made into a park with several playing fields.

(I am trying some Pano software, but the size of the pictures doesn't yet integrate well with the web pages.)

20091010_bellevue_seattle3 Across the floating bridge to Seattle, there is a dedicated biking/walking lane.

20091010_bellevue_seattle4 The view back to Mercer. The cars pass through a tunnel to get to Seattle.

20091010_bellevue_seattle5 There is a little tunnel for bikes as well! I discovered it this year.

20091010_bellevue_seattle6 On the other side is more parks that lead into Seattle.

20091010_bellevue_seattle7 There was a group of people playing bike polo in the park. They use their wheels to block the ball.

20091010_bellevue_seattle8 I went around to a few of the iconic places in Seattle.

20091010_bellevue_seattle9 Waterfall Garden Park is a hidden gem. It marks the site where the UPS company was started, and is a gift to the city of Seattle. You walk in and forget you are in the city. It is here

20091010_bellevue_seattle10 Nearby are some other fountains in a business park. This simple one has a sheet of water flowing uniformly over and around it. To me, it just looks so cool!

20091010_bellevue_seattle11 The sun was already going down on my trip back. That only made the reds more intense!

20091010_bellevue_seattle12 I discovered a new fruit! These trees were beside the path with brilliantly colored berries. Not knowing what they were, I tasted one - and it was good. Later I found it was called a Strawberry Tree.

20091010_bellevue_seattle13 Back on Mercer, the leaves were already starting to fall in places.

20091010_bellevue_seattle14 And a final look back at Seattle from Mercer Island.