I enjoy walking at lunch time on my work days. Today I made time for an extended walk and went to some particularly beautiful places by the local business parks.

20090921_midday_walk0 On the hill opposite my work is a pond that was created about 100 years ago. It had been lovingly been landscaped by the former private owner. Today it is adjacent to a multi-story business office.

20090921_midday_walk1 The pond is made by a low concrete dam (at left). At its middle is a spillway that is engraved with "Donnybrook 1913". Currently they have lowered the water level a couple of feet.

20090921_midday_walk2 The pond has a couple of benches around it.

20090921_midday_walk3 And a shady tree canopy. (I went back another day.)

20090921_midday_walk4 An exercise path continues on from it through a gully.

20090921_midday_walk5 I was surprised to see quite a number of wildflower varieties.

20090921_midday_walk6 There were some (planted) wild roses that were also still blooming.

20090921_midday_walk7 Together with their berries, they were quite colorful. The berries were also pretty tasty!

20090921_midday_walk8 I even found a few late-season huckleberries that were good eating.

20090921_midday_walk9 I continued on by this local stream that will have salmon swimming in it very soon.

20090921_midday_walk10 The nearby pond is popular with the ducks.

20090921_midday_walk11 It was a very beautiful day for a walk.