Feb 15, 2009 - Is my life boring?

I have been looking at my website lately. I haven't had front-page changes to it for quite a while! Does that mean nothing is happening, that my life is boring?

Life is quieter now that the kids aren't at home. But Melanie and I are busy. We have our day jobs. Melanie has started back to school (at UWB). We just finished taking a waltz class together. I am working on a new personal software project.

I also find that I am keeping up with a lot of new and old friends via Facebook. And that has had a little bit of overlap with this website. But it has been a Very Good Thing! :-)

The big thing, I think, is that we have fewer "big" events because the kids are not going to school locally. And much of my website content here has been about these events. Life transitions are certainly interesting!

So no, my life isn't boring. Just the web-site front-page!