This year we had two graduating seniors. It was at the same venue where I graduated.

20080614_graduation0 Andrew was on one side of the floor and Jessica was on the other, so we couldn't be close to both. Andrew's mortar cap is the tallest one.

20080614_graduation1 Afterward the graduates met us under the stands. It was crowded with a lot of excitement.

20080614_graduation2 Now we will move on to a new stage of life because Andrew is our last one in secondary school.

20080614_graduation3 Of course Jessica has been our daughter too for these past two years. And now we have the privilege of having her mom here for a couple of months.

20080614_graduation4 Andrew and Jessica have made a lot of great friends.

The graduation was on Tuesday.

20080614_graduation5 Then on Saturday we had a graduation party for them.

20080614_graduation6 There was a lot of visiting, and lots of fun.

20080614_graduation7 Although we had had rain and clouds earlier in the week, the weather turned out wonderful. The hammock stayed popular all day.

20080614_graduation8 Badminton too.

20080614_graduation9 Melanie's mom wanted a picture together with our boys.

20080614_graduation10 The party started at 4PM, and was a roaring success. The kids hung around past 10 PM. And this was about half the crowd!

20080614_graduation11 Our grads have made a lot of great friends and I know they will miss each other.