This has been a busy end-of-school year season. Since we have two seniors, they went to Prom.

20080604_prom_piano_pops0 Andrew took his friend Katy.

20080604_prom_piano_pops1 Jessica went with Simon - an exchange student from France. He said they don't have anything like Prom in France, but he thought the event was a good idea!

20080604_prom_piano_pops2 The next day was Andrew's piano recital. The music was excellent.

20080604_prom_piano_pops3 Then on Wednesday was the Inglemoor Instrumental Pops Concert. We got seats on the floor where we were served dessert. (Delicious.)

20080604_prom_piano_pops4 Andrew was in the middle of the sea of instruments and was mostly obscured by his contra-bass clarinet.

20080604_prom_piano_pops5 It was a fun evening.