Yesterday Jessica's mom arrived from Germany. When she got here, it was proper Seattle weather - grey skies and a little bit of rain. However, today was brilliant and warm, so we went to St. Edwards State Park.

20080524_park_afternoon0 We sat in the shade, petted the dogs, played a card game, played some guitar and really enjoyed each other's company.

20080524_park_afternoon1 Jessi is so happy that her mom is here!

20080524_park_afternoon2 Janae's little dog is very cute and loves to have her tummy rubbed.

20080524_park_afternoon3 Andrew and his friend Spencer juggled a soccer ball.

20080524_park_afternoon4 Katy & Jessica combined arms to draw a dramatic monster.

20080524_park_afternoon5 Since the day was hot, Janae was going to make sure that Austin would not get sunburned (at least in spots).

20080524_park_afternoon6 Andrew, Katy, Jessi & Spencer went down to Lake Washington. The water is still very cold because it is fed with glacier melt water.

20080524_park_afternoon7 They climbed out on a branch. Andrew was livening things up by jumping up and down on it - until it made a big crack.

20080524_park_afternoon8 And then a bit later, Jessica slipped off the branch and got soaked! (See the video evidence.) Since it was a very warm day, she was only cold for a short time.

20080524_park_afternoon9 Dinner at home was good - an eclectic combination this time.

20080524_park_afternoon10 And the day ended with a sunset - what more could you ask for?!