Today our good friend Agnes was in town again. We spent the day together with friends and had a great time.

20080420_sunday_afternoon0 We walked from Bothell Landing along a bike trail that is called the Burke-Gilman (going toward Seattle), and the Samamish River Trail (going toward Redmond).

20080420_sunday_afternoon1 But first, after church we went to a Mongolian Grill restaurant.

20080420_sunday_afternoon2 A place like this requires chop sticks.

20080420_sunday_afternoon3 We had lots of laughs and silliness. This is one of the more ordinary pictures!

20080420_sunday_afternoon4 Take a picture of yourself while violently shaking your head "no" with your lips relaxed - it is very funny!

20080420_sunday_afternoon5 Afterward we went down to Bothell Landing and walked a loop on the trail. My hands were much warmer inside my sleeves.

20080420_sunday_afternoon6 Jessica is highly skillful at getting everybody into silly pictures - and it is fun!

20080420_sunday_afternoon7 We tried to catch everybody in the air at the same time, but it is not easy!

20080420_sunday_afternoon8 However, back at the house we had success.

20080420_sunday_afternoon9 We had a grand fun day!