This has been a wet spring. There is literally twice the normal snowpack in the mountains, such that we can even see snow on the hills at this time. However, Saturday was an exceptional day. It got over 80 degrees and was sunny and beautiful.

20080412_SunnyDay0 Unfortunately it was a bit hazy. This was a view of Mount Rainier from the playground of the school next to us.

20080412_SunnyDay1 Their is a main road north of our house (228th). Looking west from it into the afternoon sun, you can see the Olympic Mountains on the peninsula.

20080412_SunnyDay2 Turning to the left (SW) you can see the skyscrapers of downtown Seattle.

20080412_SunnyDay3 Lake Washington is about 15 minutes south from our house.

20080412_SunnyDay4 The pier at Kenmore seemed to be popular.

20080412_SunnyDay5 At the end of the pier, the water looked really interesting with the late afternoon sunlight streaking through.

20080412_SunnyDay6 The Cascade mountains (to the east) were visible beyond the boats at the marina.

20080412_SunnyDay7 Back up in our neighborhood, the trees were in bloom.

20080412_SunnyDay8 Including the flowering plum tree in our back yard.