This day Melanie, Jessica, and Jasmine and I walked on the Tolt Pipeline trail. This right-of-way has a buried pipe bringing water from the Tolt River to the city of Seattle. Most of the way is hilly, but it is a fantastic linear trail.

20080223_tolt_pipeline0 I picked a section that had only modest hills.

20080223_tolt_pipeline1 The trail is regularly used, but mostly only by locals. Not only are there walkers, but bikers and horse-riders as well. Motor vehicles are disallowed.

20080223_tolt_pipeline2 This is one of the few places where you can actually see the water pipe. The color comes from the moss on it.

20080223_tolt_pipeline3 We came to stream. Jasmine likes wading in the water, but she is a funny dog and dislikes getting the rest of her wet.

20080223_tolt_pipeline4 This lovely house was alongside the trail. It looked like it had been displaced from New England.