I went on a hike with Austin & David to the Chief at Squamish, BC.

20071105_SquamishHike0 The Chief is a massive hunk of granite that overlooks the town of Squamish on the road to Whistler. It is the rocks immediately on the other side of 99. We climbed all three peaks.

20071105_SquamishHike1 The hike is challenging and is extremely vertical. Right at the beginning you had to climb up on a rock to get to the stairs. They also had a sign cautioning people not to do the hike unless they were prepared.

20071105_SquamishHike2 And the stairs were literal.

20071105_SquamishHike3 The trail was very well made. The stairs continued, but mostly it was steps made from locally found rocks. It was also quite dim under the trees.

20071105_SquamishHike4 We came to a cool balancing rock.

20071105_SquamishHike5 We tried to climb it, but this day it wasn't easy to grip, so we played safe.

20071105_SquamishHike6 Near the second peak, we went up an area that I called the cathedral. Rock walls on both sides. Again extremely vertical and also echoing.

20071105_SquamishHike7 It was open and easy to move around on top. Garibaldi and the rest of the view was fantastic.

20071105_SquamishHike8 The sides overlooking Squamish and Howe Sound were smooth granite drop-offs.

20071105_SquamishHike9 They are popular with rock climbers.

20071105_SquamishHike10 A bowl in the rock made this tarn - and a beautiful photo-op.

20071105_SquamishHike11 There is a split between each of the peaks. Along the trail, it is not much of a climb between them. However they drop off quickly on either side. Can you see Austin lying down looking over the edge?

20071105_SquamishHike12 This spine came off the ridge of the right side of the last picture. It is like a vertical saw blade. This hike is not for those afraid of heights - especially this spot.

20071105_SquamishHike13 Garibaldi again between the peaks.

20071105_SquamishHike14 By the last peak, we were quite tired, but the beauty was worth it.