The Seattle Auto Show was back in town. This is a tradition I have started with my boys. Austin & I have gone three times.

20071101_AutoShow0 This was the first time Andrew was with us.

20071101_AutoShow1 The Mustang was nice.

20071101_AutoShow2 This Jeep Hurricane concept car was truly outrageous! It had a powerful engine under both the front and back hoods.

20071101_AutoShow3 All four wheels could steer - in fact there was one mode of operation where the car could spin in place!

20071101_AutoShow4 Audi was showing a new car - the R8. It looked very cool!

20071101_AutoShow5 The Porsches were unlocked. Austin liked this one.

Previous years we had started at the end that had many of the luxury cars. They make you disappointed in many of the ordinary cars that come later. This time we started at the ordinary-car end. By the time we got to those luxury cars, we numbed by the quantity of cars we had already seen.

You could sit in all of the cars except a few custom ones or exotics. In the last couple of years, they also were powered up so that you could turn on lights and move seats. This time less of them had power.

In previous years, it seemed that many cars were very tight in the back seats. This time a few more manufacturers provided adequate room for tall guys.

Of course there were many more cool cars than I could show here. But that is why it took us 5 hours to look at them!