Andrew is on a recreational soccer league team. At his age level, most of the games are on Sunday morning. I really do not like that aspect of the scheduling because we miss most of his games due to our prior commitments. However, he had one game on a Sunday afternoon that we were able to go to.

20071028_AndrewSoccer0 I was able to get some good action shots.

20071028_AndrewSoccer1 The team had only one substitute player at this game, so the guys got quite tired.

20071028_AndrewSoccer2 You can see his number.

20071028_AndrewSoccer3 The game was at Sixty Acres, which has 16 soccer fields in one huge grass area. It is right by the Sammamish River Trail which has mature poplar trees planted from the days this was all farms.

20071028_AndrewSoccer4 Turn and go.

20071028_AndrewSoccer5 Ball handling.

20071028_AndrewSoccer6 They did not win this game, but it was a nice day to be out.

20071028_AndrewSoccer7 The team members at the game.