This past week has had a number of events:

20070910_TheWeek0 I have been trying to sell our boat, so I got it all cleaned up.

20070910_TheWeek1 And took pictures to put on Craigslist. Know anybody interested?

20070910_TheWeek2 Austin was going to pick out a chocolate. Janae started hugging him. Then the rest of the gang joined in and it got a little out of hand!

20070910_TheWeek3 I went to the Edmonds Auto Show this year.

20070910_TheWeek4 There were a lot of cool street rods.

20070910_TheWeek5 Of all colors.

20070910_TheWeek6 This Willys has an insane 800+ hp motor in it!

20070910_TheWeek7 There was even a small group of electric cars. This is a Corbin Sparrow - the first I had seen in real life.

20070910_TheWeek8 The one I thought was the most cool was this 1907 Horseless Carriage. The guy bought it in 1927 and slowly restored it over the years.

20070910_TheWeek9 The engine is 20 hp. It is started by hand crank. It is an air-cooled opposed twin and there are lots of exposed moving parts.

20070910_TheWeek10 At the end, the owner drove off with his family. We watched his son start it by hand crank.

20070910_TheWeek11 Sunday was Austin's birthday and he was playing some badminton. This is Austin on top of Andrew when they needed to get the shuttle out of the rain gutter.

20070910_TheWeek12 Jessica was sleepy, so she dozed with Austin & Janae's cuddly new little puppy.

20070910_TheWeek13 That evening Tessa and Andrew went to a concert in Seattle. They were dressed up all fancy.

20070910_TheWeek14 And were having a grand silly time.

20070910_TheWeek15 They had a great time at the concert.