Our good friend Agnes was in town for a visit. She is from Germany, and she brought three friends from there along with her. When she showed up at church, we quickly arranged to have them over for dinner the next day.

20070827_AgnesVisit0 Agnes and friends arrived in cowboy style. They had met a real Texas cowboy who had advised them on choice of good hats.

20070827_AgnesVisit1 We had a yummy ham dinner.

20070827_AgnesVisit2 We told them about the rope swing in the woods by our house and everybody thought it was a good idea to check it out.

20070827_AgnesVisit3 The swing was a big hit!

20070827_AgnesVisit4 I was spotter, but most of the time everybody was just fine.

20070827_AgnesVisit5 The girls had a great sense of adventure.

20070827_AgnesVisit6 Lots of cameras and silly moments.

20070827_AgnesVisit7 And everybody had the turns they wanted.

20070827_AgnesVisit8 Afterward back at home there was a spirited game of Ligretto!

20070827_AgnesVisit9 In such a short time they had become very good friends and we were sad to see the day end.