There is a woods right near our place. Years ago, people used to ride Jeeps and dirt bikes in it. Eventually fences were put up to keep out the machines and litter. However, access was left for walkers and the trails are well-used.

Lindsey had just gotten a new camera and wanted something different to take pictures of. There is a very old car in the woods covered in moss. So Lindsey, Jessica & I went to see it.

20070826_WalkWoods0 Jessi & I at the entrance to the woods.

I go walking often in the woods with Jasmine, our dog. It is large enough that I can walk for over half an hour and not retrace my steps. It has become one of my favorite places. I like deep-woods hiking, but I find that this woods is almost good enough to satisfy that desire. It is one of the reasons we added on to our house instead of moving away.

20070826_WalkWoods1 The path up the main ravine. Jasmine loves these woods because she can run and explore.

20070826_WalkWoods2 The car looks like some old Chevy. Although it is junk, it also is interesting visually because the paint is near the color of the moss on it.

20070826_WalkWoods3 Dashboard detail.

20070826_WalkWoods4 There is a rope swing in the woods that has been there for about 7 years. When I mentioned it, Lindsey & Jessica both wanted to go see it. I went first to demonstrate. Just about every time I come here I take a couple of swings on it.

20070826_WalkWoods5 The hill falls away steeply as you swing out. You feel the wind in your hair and it feels like flying. It is a lot of fun. I managed to touch tree branches on the other side this time.

20070826_WalkWoods6 Although Jessi had been in the woods with me before, this was the first time she had gone on the swing.

20070826_WalkWoods7 Lindsey in mid-swing.

20070826_WalkWoods8 I think it must be instinctual to make swinging, flying noises on a rope swing. We all had a lot of fun.

20070826_WalkWoods9 Jessi & I thought we heard a woodpecker.

20070826_WalkWoods10 This "J" tree must be Jessica's.

20070826_WalkWoods11 Happy Jessi. She is still getting over jet lag from Germany, so she was also tired coming up the last hill.