This has been the last week of summer that Alan was here. A lot has happened.

20070824_BusyLastWeek0 Dan, the son of some good friends and his fiance Kim, were here. They will be moving to this area from NY after their wedding and were scouting apartments.

20070824_BusyLastWeek1 Then we had our good friends the McAdams over for dinner. They had been out of town for a long time and it was great to see them again.

20070824_BusyLastWeek2 Melanie was in a flute choir during the summer and they had their performance this week. Melanie played the bass flute a couple of times and soloed in "The Pink Panther". Therefore the pink!

20070824_BusyLastWeek3 We were cleaning out our closet and found this hammock. Andrew & Alan tried to suspend Lindsey in it. She was a little worried.

20070824_BusyLastWeek4 Later that day we went to the airport to pick up Jessica!

20070824_BusyLastWeek5 Our friend Nancy arranged for us to go to dinner. Going around the table: Andrew & Jessica.

20070824_BusyLastWeek6 Jessi & Lindsey

20070824_BusyLastWeek7 Lindsey & Alan.

20070824_BusyLastWeek8 Lindsey & Alan again with Janae squeezing in on the corner.

20070824_BusyLastWeek9 Alan & Nancy. The dinner was a wonderful time. The food was great, the conversation was interesting and there was a lot of laughing!

20070824_BusyLastWeek10 Austin, Melanie & I.

20070824_BusyLastWeek11 Jessi didn't sleep on her flight, so she was tired.

After dinner we went back to the airport and sent Alan off again to school in NY.