Jun 07, 2007 - Andrew's Mohawk

Every school year Andrew lets his hair grow long until he very nearly looks like a tall hobbit.

Andrew hobbit hair

When the boys were young and the summers started, they wanted to get their hair buzzed off. In recent years Andrew has had fun by getting a goofy haircut just before school let out and then cutting the rest off once school was out.

Andrew's mohawk

This year he went for a mohawk!

getting it cut

In the middle of the haircut.

French braided

A couple of times he has had it French braided. It looked kind of cool.

cardboard form

To prepare it, he cut out a cardboard form that goes around his head and holds the hair in a vertical position. Each day he put stuff into it to make it stand up (gel & spray). When he is done, the hair is somewhat springy.

A lot of work, but fun for a while.