May 23, 2007 - My Cubicle

I thought you might want to see where I work. I have a cubicle on the north end of a building. Being on the end it doesn't get too much traffic and is pretty quiet. It overlooks some local greenery.

Right now I have a lot of computer monitors. Left-to-right: a desktop Mac, my main desktop PC (2 monitors), my personal MacBook laptop and a new work PC laptop (2 monitors). Its fun.

cubicle view

I also have a small museum of technical artifacts. The white items are ultrasound transducers that I often use as props while solving issues in discussions or as props for teaching.

my museum

The other things are mostly old data storage devices: floppy discs, optical discs, hard drives, etc. The hard drives often have an angular beauty to them, and their strong magnets can be fun. I also have an early Motorola "brick" cell phone. The comments from random passersby are often quite interesting.