Dec 12, 2006 - My Class is Done!

My class of this quarter is done! I found the material in class to be interesting.

However, some of the projects that were done in a language called Jess were generally frustrating and left me with a bad taste in my mouth.

Jess is a language for creating Expert Systems. It has some things in it that are very cool. If you know your way around it, it makes some thing easy. However, I found the language to be quirky (speaking charitably) and I am fairly certain I found a least one significant bug in it.

A language like this definitely has problem domains for which it is good and others for which it is poorly suited. If the code is not written well, or if Jess is applied to an inappropriate problem domain, it seemed to me that the result was the full-blown equivalent of spaghetti code (Bad!).

The last project in the class was a group project. I worked with three other guys and everybody put in their effort as a member of the team. So the bright spot was that from the perspective of working with them, this was the best group project I had ever been in.

In the end, I think I will get a satisfactory grade in the class, but I am very glad to be done!