Oct 10, 2006 - Website Go Live

This website has had a couple of major revisions. The first one was all hand-made and quite coarse. Then I re-did it with some more modern web stuff (CSS) and it looked much better, but it was still very simple.

However I wanted it to be better, to have more stuff in it and for it to be easier to maintain. I started a project to make a tool to help building it. This turned into a project for a UWB class I was in. However, it was never completed enough to replace the website that was already there.

After some time I re-started my first project, and this is the result. The project is still not finished. I have some more features I want to add. And I need to transition some of the content from the previous website to this new one. However, like all websites, it is a work in progress.

The look of the new website is much better - cleaner and more consistent. I am pleased and hope you enjoy it too.