This year, both Alan & Andrew went to prom. Alan went with Lindsey Langdon and Andrew went with Tessa Paulson. They each went with a large group of good friends. Everybody looked wonderful and I am told that they had a great time.

20060512_Prom0 Alan & Lindsey came to our place first for some pictures.

20060512_Prom1 Her Gardenia wasn't supposed to be touched so that its petals wouldn't change color.

20060512_Prom2 Lindsey's flaired skirt flowed.

20060512_Prom3 Alan worked very hard detailing his car.

20060512_Prom4 Andrew & Tessa met at a house in our neighborhood.

20060512_Prom5 Melanie helped Tessa by added lacing to the dress.

20060512_Prom6 Andrew had a "GQ" moment.

20060512_Prom8 The whole group by the limo.