We stayed at Lake Quinault for a couple of days. It is in the Washington rain forest and gets several yards (meters) of rain every year. It only rained a bit of the time that we were there, so we were able to get out and walk a few trails.

20060319_LakeQuinault0 The lake was beautiful.

20060319_LakeQuinault1 There was still quite a bit of snow at higher elevations.

20060319_LakeQuinault2 And there were waterfalls all over the place.

20060319_LakeQuinault3 Everything was green: the little leaves,

20060319_LakeQuinault4 And the moss hanging from the trees.

20060319_LakeQuinault5 There were some absolutely huge trees! This is the world's largest spruce tree. Notice the boy in the red shirt climbed up on the tree.

20060319_LakeQuinault6 They make you feel so small beside them.

20060319_LakeQuinault7 Many of these trees had been cut down in the past, leaving huge stumps,

20060319_LakeQuinault8 Or decomposing logs.

20060319_LakeQuinault9 It is so interesting how the living (even different species) and the downed are intertwined.

20060319_LakeQuinault10 The calm of sunset.