Sep 02, 2005 - Back to School Newspaper Column


Knute Berger should study more. Natural selection and intelligent design don't conflict.

Natural selection is like a multiple choice test: if the right answer isn't already there, it can't be selected. It never makes better answers, but throws lots away. Intelligent design is like an essay - the writer can create a wonderful body of new information.

Natural selection works well on existing genetic information. However, Darwinian evolution needs beneficial new information continuously injected into the genes to explain the origin of the species. Science just isn't observing this.

I think this is why so many people doubt evolution. Darwinists can't decide on an explanation for the origin of life. Transition fossils don't exist, so they explain that a dinosaur laid an egg and a bird emerged. How did the same structures evolve again and again in different environments? The way I see it, there is a lot of faith in Darwinianism.

Intelligent design easily explains these questions. That qualifies it as a workable theory. And yes, there is faith in it as well.

If the tests that SETI uses to find intelligence in the stars were applied to earth's biology wouldn't they find that the design showed intelligence?

Larry Grove Bothell